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Reduce your ecological footprint

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Committed to the efficient use of our natural resources, we digitize the purchase receipt for you.


Digitize a harmful process



To receive your smartphone ticket, you just have to show your Ecoticket card at the store when you go to pay. Through the code reader, the ticket is transferred to your account in the App

Active Pro

Avoid felling millions of trees

"Simplicity is the maximum sophistication"

Leonardo Da Vinci



All your tickets in a single App. Access them wherever and whenever you want. Keep track of all your expenses, create reports and share them if you wish



A easy, useful, effective app... Totally free.

Head over to Ecoticket and join sustainability.

The planet needs you.


App available in the App Store & Google Play

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Digital ticket - Ecotiket
Digital Ticket - Ecoticket
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