You have a mission










Your role, as the main actor, must be the protagonist. You have to lead the digital transition of the purchase receipt by committing yourself to the environment.


Citizens expect businesses to look after the planet and promote behaviors and practices related to a sustainable lifestyle. They value all companies that actively participate with actions to reduce their environmental footprint.


For the youngest, present and future of society, the main problem they face today is climate change and its possible irreversible effects that it may have on their future, which is increasingly uncertain every day.


How do you think these generations will act if your company proactively helps mitigate the effects of climate change?


They will reward you by sharing your same values.


Imagine for a moment a city where stores and shopping areas do not use paper to issue purchase tickets. That imaginary city must become reality and in the new paradigm to be followed by all world trade.


It is absolutely unnecessary and harmful for our planet to use paper to issue a purchase receipt. Without a doubt, this process must be digitized and the time is now.


You have a mission ahead of you: eliminate the paper of the purchase receipt and promote new sustainable habits among your customers.


Hard? Not at all, Ecoticket helps you.





Think in green

Are you a company?