Receive and store all your digital tickets with your Ecoticket Digital Card. Show it in eco-adhering stores and instantly receive your purchase receipt 

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Your Ecoticket card guarantees your anonymity and security and confidentiality of all your information



All your tickets are stored in the cloud with an encrypted environment. You have unlimited storage of tickets and invoices. You can access them whenever you need it.



Your Ecoticket card prevents the use and processing of personal information by assigning you a unique ID that guarantees your total anonymity.



Keep track of all your expenses. You can create accounting reports in PDF or Excel that you can share with your manager. You will have all your tickets, invoices and guarantees stored and only you will have access to your information.

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By digitizing the ticket you avoid the use of paper mitigating its impact in the environment

You reduce your ecological footprint and that of your favorite stores


You receive instantly your smartphone ticket without taking up space in your smartphone



You have unlimited gigs storage and keep track of all your expenses



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